21+ Design Trends For Health Coach Websites For 2023

Health Coach Websites

Looking For The Best Health Coach Websites?

In today's digital age, with over a billion websites on the internet, having a well-designed website that not only serves as your virtual storefront but excels at connecting with you with your target audience is crucial to succeeding in the online coaching space. 

This article highlights the building blocks and components of a successful health coaching website, from intuitive navigations and compelling content to the visual appeal and clients' success stories. Contained within this article is a curated list of some of the best health coach websites that exemplify expertise within the health coaching niche.

These websites provide a wealth of resources, personalized programs, and experienced health coaches who keep raising the bar of impactful branding, captivating visuals, and engaging content. I am confident that these websites will inspire you in more ways than one to create an even more impactful online presence, expand your reach, and ultimately attract new clients.

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1. Fully Raw

Fully Raw

Fully Raw is a coaching program founded by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, a writer, speaker, and raw vegan lifestyle advocate. Kristina centers her coaching approach around promoting optimal health, vitality, and well-being through diets rich in raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Kristina believes that consuming raw, nutrient-dense foods in their natural state can improve physical health, boost energy levels, and support overall wellness.

Website Overview: There I was, writing an article on the best coaching websites when I discovered Kristina's website. I knew at the spot that I had to put it at the top of this list. Considering I had to wait longer than I hoped for the homepage to load due to the file size of the image in the hero section (optimize your media file sizes before upload), I still couldn't help but marvel at the site's brilliant design, vibrant imagery, and intuitive navigation.

Like in the case of Kristina's website, it is generally a good idea to have a dedicated section on the homepage that features a video introducing yourself as a health coach and summarizing your unique selling propositions, as this fosters a connection with your target audience.

2. BetterMe


BetterMe is a popular digital platform that provides individuals with convenient access to personalized coaching services to support their physical and mental well-being. BetterMe distinguishes itself by utilizing a mobile app to deliver and engage users with its interactive programs, including goal setting, habit tracking, and progress monitoring.

Website Overview: BetterMe's website showcases an all-encompassing hero section that instantly captivates visitors with its sleek entrance transition. While this website boasts an impressive hero section for its homepage, it excels in its meticulous design elements, color scheme, and typography choices. Navigating the site is a total breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface, which features a conspicuous call-to-action button. This button, mind you serves as a gateway to explore BetterMe's coaching programs, nutrition advice, and fitness resources.

3. SpeechSisters

Speech Sisters

SpeechSisters offers speech and language courses designed for parents of infants and toddlers. Recognizing the crucial role and influence parents have in children's early language development, this dynamic duo of certified speech therapists offers comprehensive resources and guidance for parents to nurture their child's communication skills.

Website Overview: This website is easily one of my favorite coach websites because its design layout can seamlessly be adopted in any coaching niche. This site makes no mistake with how an effectual website's content is supposed to be structured or laid out.

Visually, this site evokes a professional and engaging experience with its approachable color schemes, images, and typography that align perfectly with its purpose and target audience. 

4. Wildly Healthy by Tiffany

Wildly Healthy is led by Tiffany Windju, an experienced health coach passionate about promoting holistic wellness through the powerful connection between the mind and body. Through her expertise, Tiffany collaborates with her clients to embark on a transformative wellness journey toward addressing various facets of well-being, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, and emotional balance.

Website Overview: Upon landing on this site, it is easy to understand that the visuals are a complete reflection of who and what Tiffany represents, with the color scheme and overall custom branding evoking vitality and balance. The sheer brilliance of the chosen hues still triggers my inner voice to shower compliments on the design. I mean, even the dog in frame complements the site's branding by establishing a sense of warmth and connection.

Overall, this website is designed with creative intentions behind every element to highlight Tiffany's expertise and approach toward cultivating balance in mind, body, spirit, and heart. 

5. Maria Marlowe

Maria Marlowe

Maria Marlowe is a certified nutritionist and health coach dedicated to empowering individuals seeking to enhance their overall health, boost their energy levels, and achieve radiant completion through natural and sustainable lifestyle changes. Maria, also known as an acne nutritionist, helps others adopt the right diet and lifestyle changes to attain a clear and natural glow from within.

Website Overview: While Maria's site may seem like it doesn't have much going on at first glance, especially from the look of its hero section, scrolling down each page reveals the site's true appeal and intuitive design, with a clean layout and easy navigation that allows users to access information effortlessly. What I am probably in love with the most on Maria's website are the separate sections highlighting and addressing several pain points. These sections are well laid out, with irresistible call-to-action buttons that one cannot help but click on, especially when the pain points highlighted in each section resonate with a potential client.

6. Sonia Wright, MD

Sonia Wright

Sonia Wright is a sex coach renowned for her extensive knowledge and expertise in women's sexuality. Sonia's unique approach to sex coaching encompasses the physical, emotional, and relational aspects of sexual well-being. Drawing upon her expertise, she provides evidence-based strategies to assist clients in improving their sexual confidence and fostering profound connections with themselves and their partners.

Website Overview: Sonia's website boasts a simple yet sleek design that instantly captures your attention from the get-go. The harmonious combination of green and orange hues and its complementing images create a visually captivating experience. This website effectively showcases Sonia's unique medical and coaching knowledge, which sets the pace with a clear call to action for interested individuals to opt to revive their sexual intimacy in relationships.

7. Hypertension Africa

Hypertension Africa

Chibuamam Ilechukwu, the mind behind Hypertension Africa, is a well-versed pharmacist and coaching expert dedicated to guiding individuals toward achieving and sustaining optimal health free from hypertension. Chibuamam's coaching approach focuses on educating and supporting others to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that consequently lowers blood pressure, manages stress, and improves cardiovascular health.

Website Overview: This website was designed by yours truly, using the Efor Coaching theme on WordPress. Chibuanam's vision for the homepage needed a bold call to action button on the hero section to funnel visitors through her coaching and training programs.

This website was meticulously designed to convey Chibuanam's expertise, with highlights on the benefits of her coaching approach, and ensures that visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of how she can assist them in dealing with their hypertensive complications.

8. Body By Amanada

Body by Amanda

BodyByAmanda is a renowned health and fitness coaching platform that empowers its clientele to achieve their fitness goals. Amanda provides personalized training programs and nutritional guidance tailored to each client's unique needs and preferences. Whether it's the desire to lose weight, build muscle, improve endurance, or enhance overall fitness, she offers a balanced exercise routine combined with mindful eating habits to ensure long-term success.

Website Overview: Remember the phrase  “Less is more?” This website embodies this expression with its simple yet modern layout. Amanda's website showcases an uncluttered design that prioritizes essential information, to provide a seamless browsing experience.

The minimalistic design, crisp typography, ample white spacing, judicious use of muted colors, and subtle gradient add depth and visual interest to instill a sense of calmness and focus. 

9. ReConnected Life

ReConnected Life

ReConnected Life is a trauma-informed coaching service dedicated to women who aspire to heal from their traumatic experiences and reconnect with their authentic selves. Emily Jacob, the founder, guides clients on a transformative journey toward healing, resilience, and personal growth using evidence-based techniques such as somatic therapy, mindfulness practices, and cognitive restructuring. Her goal is to help clients live a more meaningful life.

Website Overview: This website certainly goes easy on the eye, as it embraces a minimalistic design approach that combines custom typography with a harmonious blend of background colors to create a serene and empathetic atmosphere. Placing a strong emphasis on content, the site's interface strategically utilizes negative space to highlight the website's core message and encourage meaningful engagement.

From the way I see it, the absence of imagery aside that focused on the founders' story and expertise was intentional to evoke tranquility and resilience for individuals seeking to embark on their healing journey, where the past no longer impacts the present or future.

10. HUG Health

HUG Health

HUG Health coaching program, presented by midwife and fertility expert Zita West, is a comprehensive program designed to provide individuals with tools and techniques to transform their mindset while trying to conceive, planning for IVF, or navigating the intricacies of pregnancy. Zita's expertise in midwifery and fertility gives her a unique approach to preparing individuals and couples with personalized psychological and emotional advice to increase their chances for a successful pregnancy and overall well-being.

Website Overview: This site adopts a clean and soothing color palette that effortlessly engages visitors from the moment they arrive. The hero section highlights Zita's unique selling proposition with an image that reflects the genuine desire to support individuals on their path to parenthood. The site strategically uses illustrated images to convey key messages and creates visual narratives to enhance understanding and connection.

Lastly, if there was a part of this website you considered taking design inspiration, it should be the programs section. This section thoughtfully presents HUG Health's programs and offers in a structured and easily digestible format, as it should inspire visitors to take the desired action.

11. Marie Mbouni

Marie Mbouni

Marie Mbouni is a consciousness coach, shaman, and speaker who utilizes techniques and powerful introspective exercises such as meditation to guide her clients to expand their consciousness and tap into their inner wisdom to live a more conscious and fulfilling life.

Website Overview: This website, in my opinion, has one of the best Hero sections within the coaching industry. This is followed by design layouts of distinctive sections, where each section features a different background image that complements the message within. This creative approach sets the tone for the profound work that lies ahead.

Overall, this site stands out as a testament to the power of creative thinking without losing sight of the intended message that is to be conveyed by the coach.

12. Sarah Jenks

Sarah Jenks

Sarah Jenks is a renowned life coach who helps women create lives of self-acceptance and fulfillment. Her coaching approach goes beyond the traditional goal-setting and focuses on supporting women in nourishing their bodies, minds, and souls to break free from societal expectations, self-doubt, body image struggles, and the constant quest for perfection.

Website Overview: This website stands out as the first on this list to incorporate animated text and elements across its pages. This design approach, when used in moderation, adds a dynamic touch to the overall experience. I also can't deny loving the soft color palette used on this site, which contributes to its uplifting user experience as it effectively showcases Sarah's authenticity and reliability, as evident in her personal stories and testimonials.

13. Vidya Living

Vidya Living

Vidya Living is led by Claire, a certified yoga instructor and Ayurvedic counselor who specializes in teaching and inspiring others to align their lifestyle with the principles of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga for living a well-nourished life.

Website Overview: While I pointed out that Amanda's website embodies the idea of “Less is more” with its minimalistic approach, Claire's website takes this up a notch to create an even more streamlined user experience. This ensures the focus is centered around Claire's offerings without trivia information. Also, don't be fooled by the appearance of the homepage because as you begin to explore other parts of this site, you'll realize it has so much going for it.

14. Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini is a renowned life coach, bestselling author, and speaker known for her transformative work encompassing relationships, health, career, and personal growth. With her vibrant energy and authentic approach, Melissa has inspired countless people to identify and release self-limiting beliefs, cultivate self-acceptance, and develop practices that nurture their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Website Overview: This website's sleek design, vibrant color palette, and intuitive navigation combine to create an immersive experience for visitors from the moment they arrive. The site's layout effectively showcases Melissa's expertise through thoughtfully organized content that is easy to explore Melissa's coaching programs, resources, blog articles, and compelling testimonials and success stories. Overall, Melissa's website combines aesthetics, functionality, and persuasive storytelling to create a compelling online presence.

15. Body EM

Body EM

BODYEM is an online fitness coaching service that provides a first-class coaching experience tailored to individual preferences and goals. Emma Walsh, the founder of BODYEM, whose coaching philosophy revolves around creating sustainable habits and promoting long-term health. Believes in the power of consistent, enjoyable exercise and balanced nutrition to achieve overall well-being that can be integrated into our daily lives.

Website Overview: Firstly, I wouldn't be wrong to assume that either this website's design was executed by the same agency that worked on the 21 Minutes coaching site or inspiration was drawn from it. But hey let's focus on this eh? From where I stand, nothing compares to the dynamic experience users encounter when their actions lead them to personalized results based on their input and responses. BODYEM website's interactive elements and personalized program enhance the user experience by providing a sense of individualization and relevance, making visitors feel more connected to the coaching services offered.

16. Caliber Fitness

Caliber Fitness

Caliber is a science-based fitness program with a team of experienced and dedicated coaches who provide personalized training programs and support to help clients transform their bodies and lead healthier lifestyles. Caliber Fitness offers expert guidance on exercise techniques, nutrition plans, and lifestyle adjustments to assist clients in optimizing their health.

Website Overview: This website adopts a modern and visually appealing design, with a clean layout and a color scheme that conveys energy and determination. The site's Navigation is user-friendly, with content-specific call-to-action buttons that allow visitors to easily access coaching programs, workout routines, and client success stories. The homepage effectively showcases Caliber Fitness' expertise and personalized approach, highlighting the benefits of their coaching programs in achieving fitness goals.

17. healthcoach FX

Healthcoach FX

Healthcoach FX is led by a dynamic mother-and-daughter duo, two certified health coaches, nutritionists, and hormone balance experts who offer personalized guidance and support for women seeking to enhance their overall well-being, especially with Hormonal balance. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness, Laura and Petra offer tailored coaching programs to help women unleash their energetic, joyful, and radiant selves.

Website Overview: Laura and Petro didn't fail to make a bold statement that captures the essence of their holistic coaching approach within the site's Hero section. However, I believe the quality of the background image could be improved since it sets the tone for the other sections underneath. Overall, the key takeaway from this site is the manner in which the personalized imagery and messaging from both mother and daughter are used to effectively drive home the message that the proposed goals, featuring their signature tailored 1:1 and deep detox programs, are obtainable regardless of one's age.

18. Bony to Beastly

Bony to Beastly is a health coaching program that focuses on helping individuals, especially hard gainers, and skinny men, transform their bodies to get bigger, stronger, and fitter. The coaching program addresses the unique challenges that ectomorphs (skinny men with a fast metabolism) face when working to build muscle and achieve their fitness goals.

Website Overview: Reading through Bony to Beastly's about us page, you'd immediately learn that the founders all have different backgrounds and professions aside from being health coaches. Two of them are designers – a graphics illustrator and a web designer. So naturally, both's creative inputs should reflect on the site's development. Overall, the site's design is aesthetically streamlined, thanks to the high-quality illustrations and images that enhance the overall visual appeal and effectively convey the brand's message of transformation.

19. Greenlips

Green Lips

Meet Rivka Lipsitz, the founder of GreenLips, a certified health coach and personal trainer who empowers individuals to transform healthy eating and exercise into a lifestyle of lasting vitality and well-being. Unlike conventional approaches with fad diets and quick fixes, Rivka remains a devoted advocate for sustainable change, reminding us that true health isn't about perfection but about progress and a lifelong commitment to nurturing the body, mind, and soul.

Website Overview: While Rivka's website contains clutter-free and streamlined pages, its visually appealing design captures the essence of her passion for promoting healthy eating and exercise. Browsing through most pages, you'd notice that there isn't much guesswork with the sections and call-to-action buttons; each copy is concise, direct, and actionable. Overall, Rivka's website not only reflects her authenticity as a health coach but also effectively communicates her mission to turn healthy habits into lifelong lifestyle transformations.

20. Align-Flow


Align-Flow is a unique and innovative health coaching program that harnesses Water Healing, Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki to promote physical alignment, holistic well-being, and mind-body harmony. Katie, the Health Coach behind “Align-Flow,” offers a unique water healing experience, Hatha Flow, Meditation, and Reiki practices to bring deep inner peace.

Website Overview: First, I must commend this site for its creativity with the Hero Section, which contains interchangeable images on the left side of both columns. This is coupled with a background video that captures the essence of Katie's water therapy, ultimately creating a visually immersive experience for visitors. Also, the blend of grayscale and Light green adds to the calming and holistic ambiance, setting the tone for the rest of the website.

The only concern I have here would be the overlooked opportunities to incorporate strategic call-to-action buttons throughout the site's homepage, which could have further enhanced the user experience and increased the likelihood of converting visitors into clients.

21. The Mindful Blonde

The Mindful Blonde

The Mindful Blonde, by Danielle, a certified holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and self-care enthusiast devoted to guiding individuals and mothers on a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. She offers mindful, actionable advice to develop sustainable self-care routines that promote well-being, prevent burnout, and support a healthy work-life balance.

Website Overview: Not every day you get to see a website that begins with what might seem like Instagram-featured feeds (which turn out to be product links to a fashion online store), but that's beside the point. This website offers a visually appealing and well-organized homepage that captivates visitors from the start, with intuitive navigational menus ensuring easy access to various pages and offers. The section introducing her person stands out as one of the well-aligned and well-presented “about sections” I've come across on most health coaches' sites.

The remaining sections, such as the blog, website footer, and Instagram feeds, complement the overall website's user experience. However, there seems to be less emphasis on promoting the coaching programs, which could enhance its impact further.

22. JO Portia Mayari

JO Portia Mayari

JO Portia Mayari, a sexual wealth coach, focuses on helping women and gender-expansive leaders through a bespoke method that blends tantra, somatic work, and neuroscience to unlock their unique erotic and relational intelligence. Ultimately she addresses issues related to sexual confidence, communication, pleasure, intimacy, and overall sexual well-being.

Website Overview: Mayari's website adopts a somewhat Neobrutalistic design approach, which gives it a unique and modern aesthetic. The website stands out by featuring mentions from reputable magazines, such as LA Times and Teen Vogue, to instantly build trust and credibility for potential clients. Scrolling down the site's homepage, it got impressive highlights of Portia's coaching program with imagery that conveys the benefits clients should expect when signing up for these programs. Overall JO Portia's website covers the crucial aspects of an effective coaching website, making it engaging and informative for potential clients.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Based on our discussions, we can agree that having a well-designed website is essential for coaches who aim to establish a strong online presence and attract their ideal clients. In light of this, we have delved into various components and factors that contribute to the success of these health coach websites.

Incorporate these design elements and content ideas while consistently evaluating and optimizing your website to ensure it remains engaging and impactful.

Now I'll leave the ball in your park to draw inspiration from the list of coaching websites provided here. Leverage the right website builders, and pay attention to details such as color schemes, typography, branding, and user experience.

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